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Eddy de Heij | エディ デハイ
Welcome / Bienvenidos / ようこそ

エディ デハイ

Eddy de Heij

Serial Entrepreneur | Angel Investor

Eddy de Heij has over 20 years international entrepreneurial experiences.

He is active as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor and put his main focus currently on Blockchain, Crypto and Tokenization.

He advises selective startups around the globe like Vibby (New York City), Goin (Barcelona, Winner Most Innovative Fintech Award 2018), FortKnoxster (Gibraltar), BitBook (Ireland), Yume Capital (Tokyo) Muster.VC (Barcelona) and DataEnzo (Amsterdam)


In 2015 he wrote,  the book ‘The Bovengever’ (presented at Columbia University NYC) which was  a collection of 15 different stories from his experiences with startups.

In 2016 the international edition was received with rave reviews. (April 2018 | 4th edition) 

Eddy just wrote a new book called 90 Minutes. Again, a beautiful collection of semi-personal stories and experiences. 

It’s a feel-good book about life, sports and motivation, positivity, business and winning.

What if Life was like a Football Match of 90 Minutes. 

Blockchain Golden Age Podcast

Featuring Eddy de Heij – former CEO FortKnoxster

The Blockchain Golden Age (podcast) invited successful Crypto entrepreneur Eddy de Heij, who is the former CEO of FortKnoxster to their show.

We discussed various topics from the latest Blockchain trends, tips and experiences on how to setup your own Blockchain company. Insights from a Crypto Exchange point of view, we dived into Asian culture and the biggest differences with western culture where we gave our unfiltered honest perspectives. 

portfolio companies

Eddy is active as serial entrepreneur, investor and business mentor. His portfolio of current (pre A/ early seed) investments a.o:

Digital Media Enzo, Yume Capital (Japan), Search Enzo, DataEnzo, Creationline, Depot Lab Barcelona, Vibby, Kakigori Universe, Japandepato, BitBook,  BlockchainEnzoStarters, Planet360 Media Group (China), GOIN, FortKnoxster and a few early stage media and tech companies in New York City, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

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  • Yume Capital

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  • Goin

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  • Fortknoxster

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  • Starters

    Starters is an exclusive community of collaborative sports tech entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers...

  • Edpire Ventures

    <private investment portfolio>

  • Japandepato

    Japandepato (デパート, depāto means department store in Japanese) is a new online store where...

  • The Bovengever

    The word does not even exist in Holland. However, the stories and business experiences...

  • Search Enzo

    In addition to paid advertisements within the various search engines (SEA), the results can...

  • Creationline

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  • Depot Lab BCN

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  • Planet 360 Media

    We publish music related websites like in Mandarin-Chinese for direct communication with your...

  • Vibby

    Vibby is a lightweight interactive highlighting tool built to unleash the power of video....

  • ZO Media Group

    The ZO Media Group consists of 3 independent Digital Agencies (Digital Media Enzo, Creationline...

  • DataEnzo

    DataEnzo is a so called Business Intelligence Dashboard and was developed in order to integrate...


    We successfully run branding campaigns on video platforms, tablets and other media. We can...

  • Illmatic Media

    Illmatic Media is founded by Eddy de Heij to support Hip Hop. Illmatic Media...

Selective Seminars & Events
Recent activities

Hosting and Moderating


Lectures, Meetings and Presentations
Osaka, Yokohama & Tokyo, Japan

Cryptocurrency | Solid as… what? | December 2017

Business Meetings and Presentations
Osaka, Japan

Visiting Machine Plant | June 2017

Business Meetings
New York City

Coaching and Presentations with several start-ups | 15 April – 22 April 2017

Panel Member Capital On Stage | #cosbcn16

Capital on Stage | Entrepreneurial background crucial for VC ? | | 24 november 2016

Blockchain Economic Forum


Presentation & Entrepreneurship

Speaker MC Seminar | Scoring with eSports in Europe (private session) | 26 August 2017

10 Year Anniversary ZO Media Group

Presentation Amsterdam, Holland Reception and introduction DataEnzo 2.0 | May 2017

Hosting and Moderating


Presentation & Entrepreneurship

LabTalk | Depot Lab Barcelona | Q&A | 20 September 2016

Dubai International Blockchain Summit
Atlantis, The Palm Dubai 

The largest gathering of Blockchain in the Middle East | Januari 2018

Hosting and Moderating

THE ONLINE MEDIA LANDSCAPE TODAY 2016 | 23 June – 30 june 2017

Business Meetings and Presentations
Osaka, Yokohama & Tokyo, Japan

Business presentation | May 2017

Business Meetings and Presentations
Osaka, Yokohama & Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Machine Plant and Business presentation | October & November 2016

New York City

Eddy will be attending The Next Web Conference | 18 November 2015



A very strange word, but in Dutch it means just the opposite of a traditional entrepreneur.

The word does not even exist in Holland. However, the stories and business experiences are universal. After the success of the first Dutch Edition, this is the International Edition. This edition has over 15+ short stories about a different way of doing business.

How Einstein meets Ice Cube in business and what Notorious B.I.G. got to do with Jean Paul Sartre.

With beautiful drawings from Wouter Sluis.

Inspirational illustrations with personal anecdotes and business adventures. This book invites us to look at things differently, it makes the entrepreneurial journey incredibly engaging and much more fun!

Mesut Celebi, Cofounder Startupbootcamp New York, Board Member Round Table New York & Founder FABstart New York City

Do we not all prefer to be ‘Bovengevers’ rather than Entrepreneurs? Recognition and inspiration splashes off the beautiful small pages.

Marja Ruigrok, Entrepreneur & Party Chairman of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy Amsterdam, Spokesperson Economic Affairs

This is a great intiative, you can expect a heartfelt welcome in New York! This is a very handy book!

Rob de Vos, Consul General of the Netherlands in New York

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    FortKnoxster ID : eddymatic

    Edpire Ventures SL | Carrer del Bruc, 149, 08037 Barcelona | Vibby HQ | Empire State Building Suite 7610,
    350 5th Ave. New York Email: | Skype: dmenzohq