Depot Lab BCN

Our Story

Sometimes coincidences happen in one’s life. And then sometimes these coincidences happen to be the start of something new, radical and far-reaching. This goes for the coincidental meeting that the 3 of us, founders of Depot Lab, had. Neither of us had time but still we felt that we needed to make time for each other. And within 4 weeks the plan for Depot Lab was made and executed.

Our values

Living in a mediterranean city, our Dutch roots keep us standing with our feet on the ground. We strongly hold on to a set of core values. For ourselves, but also for our members and the people and companies that we work together with. Honesty, Originality, Authenticity, Inspirational, Innovational, Enjoyment, Creativity and of course… Dutch sobriety.

Our philosophy

We believe in working individually and we believe in working together, in collaborating. But more than that we believe in the combination of the two: working individually as a basis and working with others if you need. We call that: Working Independently Together. And Depot Lab provides a platform for entrepreneurs and companies that want to work independently together. So that all of us, including ourselves, can profit from our individual qualities.