DMENZO is an independent agency specialized in digital media strategy, planning, optimisation, monitoring and buying. As an independent full-service agency, we are the ultimate business partner. You can turn to us for all your online needs worldwide and we can lend you a helping hand at any knowledge level. We are closely involved in every individual element and every moment of a successful campaign.

We successfully run branding campaigns on video platforms, tablets and other media. We can even conduct a campaign based on the shared revenue principle under wel agreed conditions.

DMENZO takes care of the entire Display Advertisement process from start to finish. Our work starts by advising the most efficient strategy and does not end until the campaign has completely run its course and is evaluated together with you.

Naturally, DMENZO has the necessary Social Media expertise. To establish direct contact and engagement with the target group and initiate interaction, social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are used, but not without losing sight of the viral aspect.

This makes it possible to draw attention to products and services, influence brand perception and the company’s reputation, or even stimulate both online and offline sales.

Clients a.o.: Toyota, Lexus, NBC Universal, China Southern Airlines, MOJO/Live Nation, Rabobank, Blyk Vodafone, Yamaha, BNP Paribas, Teufel, Kwik-Fit, Skoda, Vins d’Alsace, Beyonce Heat, KRO, KIT, Rio Mare, Commodity Discovery, Abvakabo FNV, GGN, Robert Half, Playboy, DieHaghe, BIC, Malmberg, Uneto VNI, KNB, VU, KiKa, Struijk Conserven, Capabel, Paypal, BiTS, Oxfam Novib, Pax Christi, JUMBO, GGD, Blistex, Van Dobben, Entertainment One Benelux, Nedvang, Cordaid Memisa, Twinfield, Vesteda, Stadgenoot, PGGM, Cinéart, TV5.