Search Enzo

SEARCH ENZO has several Adwords Qualified Professionals, Analytics Qualified Professionals, Social Media Experts among its staff and is a Google Certified Partner. Search Enzo advises on how to significantly improve the ranking of websites in search engines and our Search & Social Media Marketeers are 24/7 dedicated to reach your marketing/sales goals. From Engagement to Conversion.

In addition to paid advertisements within the various search engines (SEA), the results can also form the basis of targeted organic traffic to your website at the Search Engine Optimisation level (SEO). Search Enzo advises on how to significantly improve the ranking of your website in search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.

In 2012 Search Enzo opened a branch office in Barcelona. Our office in South Africa opened her doors in November 2013.

Clients a.o. : Rabobank, Lexus, AMEX, BNP Paribas, NBC Universal, MOJO/Live Nation, Malmberg Uitgeverij, Toyota, Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, VU Amsterdam, Via Incasso, Start People, Formaat Notarissen, Catenon Worldwide Executive Search, Tropentheater, Capabel, Rob van Kan Media Consultancy, DieHaghe, Tuinmeubelreus, Freelance Firm, GGN, Tropenmuseum, ArtEZ, TV5, JOZ, Somatoline, BIC, EEN, Louwman Groep, Blistex, HBD, Pech in Huis, VBVB, BiTS, BFD Films, Dutch FilmWorks, Winford College, BNN/VARA, Oxfam Novib, Cinéart, GGD Amsterdam, EYE Film, TONZON, China Southern Airlines.